How to create a Winning Entry

A – Top Tips for an application, from a National Thistle Awards Judge

B – Tips in a couple of quick videos from a previous HITA head Judge

C – Friends are at hand to help you!  New for 2019, the HITA “MENTORS CLUB”

– past winners who are at the end of the phone for you.  More here.

D – 2019 Chair of Judges gives his top tips.

How do you go about creating an award-winning entry, one that will really make you stand out from the crowd? Calum Ross, the proprietor of Loch Melfort Hotel near Oban, is a previous winner of the acclaimed ambassador prize and now chairs the judging panel.

“A good application is easy to read, gives clear and concise information that is supported by the business website and by feedback from users via online content such as TripAdvisor.”

“Read the questions very carefully and be sure to answer them fully, providing the information and evidence requested,” he says.

“Use the full word count allocation but don’t exceed it either.“Prepare by researching previous winners’ websites, social media and user-generated content, plus that of who you consider to be your closest competitors.

“Write and submit your own entry – don’t let anyone else or an agency do it on your behalf!”

It’s not only the winners who benefit from the HITA process – just by stopping to think about what part of your business is worth shouting about can help improve how you work.

The awards cover a range of categories and Calum says anyone who wants to grow or develop their business should consider applying.

“Entering for an award is a great way to focus your mind and those of your team on what is really great about your business – and of course perhaps one or two things that you could improve,” he said.

“Any award is a good PR opportunity for any business, so depending on how you use it, it can drive new visits and likes to your website and social media channels.”

E – What can you do to improve your chances of winning a Highlands and Islands Tourism Award?

Here  two past judges chair :  Freda Newton (FN) and  Laurence Young (LY)  – provide some advice and their Top Tips  

Q…Why should I enter the Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards?

FN They are the Oscars of the tourism Industry. An award is a real, practical marketing tool: it gives potential customers added faith in the product and brings sales.

It also gives staff a sense of pride in working for an award-winning business.

LYCollaborating on an application is a good team activity. It brings staff together to think about all the positive achievements of the business.  Owners/managers can use the award process to build teamwork and positive energy. There is a huge buzz when the business gets shortlisted, or even wins. Having an award is also a great message to share on social media, website, blogs, mailshots etc

Q…What in particular are the judges looking for?

FNIt is all about the customer experience and providing true Highland Hospitality

LY – Judges are looking for the magic!  What makes the business special and why does it stand out from the crowd? Tell a spellbinding story in the application – make it interesting and compelling.

Q…What information should I include?

FN Tell the story from your heart – you know your business the best. And prove that you do what you say by giving examples.

LY – Only include information that answers the question.  Read the criteria for the award carefully and focus on providing information on what is being assessed. Keep answers relevant and interesting to make your application stand out.

Q…What if I’m unsure which category I should enter?

FNIn most cases it should be clear, but if you are in doubt contact Amanda Ewenson or 01224 646488 for advice.

LYStudy the criteria for the category and make sure your application complies.    Discuss with your team. If you’re still unsure, speak to the awards’ admin team (see above)

Q…In which categories can I nominate someone for an award?

FNNominations can be made for Tourism and Hospitality Hero, Highland Rising Star and Highland Ambassador