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We know that starting your entry and going through the process of creating your submission can be daunting. Here are some top tips from the judging panel to keep you on the right lines:Read the questions – Read all the questions before starting to gain an understanding of what the panel judges are hoping to read from your entryAnswer the questions – Answer all the questions clearly demonstrating specific areas when asked – give the judges a sense of what was innovative or creative.Keep it simple and clear – Be clear, specific and structured. Ensure your entry is concise and easy to understand. Focus on the facts, avoid jargon and be consistent. Make it easy for the judges to spot what is important.Draft – Write a draft of your entry first and email it to others within the business who can act as a fresh pair of eyes and flag up anything you may have forgotten.Evidence – Provide solid evidence against what has been asked. This will give your entry the best chance. Include measurable outcomes such as increased revenue, return on investment backed up by facts and figures.Honesty – Be honest in your entry. No business or individual is perfect, address challenges and don’t be afraid to highlight how the business has tackled challenges and issues.Supporting documents – Make sure any supporting documents are relevant and do not include extra information just for the sake of it. Supporting documents should demonstrate success with facts and details. Not all judges appreciate supporting information – rely on your principal answers!Be fervent – Your entry should come across how passionate you are about what you have achieved. Give your entry to someone else to read who will be objective. If they don’t find it impressive, chances are the judges won’t either. Your entry should show why your project/business is important, what it has achieved and what’s exciting.Proof read – proof read your entry.Give it to someone else to read carefully – preferably someone who is not as close to your business, as you are. Check spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, as this could take the gloss off an otherwise solid entry. And avoid jargon!Start early – Don’t leave this until the last minute, start early to give yourself plenty time to put together a well thought out and structured entry.Good luck!

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