Judith Fish, owner of the Applecross Inn, winner of the Friendliest Pub/Bar categories HITA 2015 and Scottish Thistle Awards 2016

Winning awards in November and March provided a great end to a busy 2015 and a fantastic start to this season.

The success gave staff a good morale boost and generated a lot of feedback from existing and new customers who have been very interested in the achievement.

Applecross Inn

Tourism accounts for approximately 80 per cent of our business, so it is of vital importance to us and the wider area. It is why we are keen to support events like HITA that helps to promote and develop the industry in a remoter part of the country.

The awards process provides businesses with an opportunity to review their operation in line with their objectives, to cast a critical eye over what they are currently doing well and what could be improved. It helps to concentrate attention outside the day-to-day operational aspects and focus on the ‘bigger picture’.

Through involvement in the process we have been able to see what other businesses are doing and it is always healthy to see where we fit within the industry. It is also nice to meet others at the events and network in a friendly setting.

Entering the awards gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to be recognised by the industry experts for their hard work and efforts. But, even if it doesn’t lead to immediate success, it offers the chance to take stock, identify possible areas where innovation and forward thinking could improve the quality of the offering.

The interaction with other similar businesses to get new ideas, contacts and examples of best practice is also very useful.

Awards schemes like HITA set standards for business to strive towards and help the wider industry ensure we all continue to pursue excellence.




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